Hedge Trimmers

Why It`s Important

If you regularly tune in to the our Experts blog, you will likely notice that we usually discuss tree care services like tree removal, stump grinding, and pruning. While yes, these tree care services are incredibly important, they are not the only services that fall within the tree care services that we provinces — and yes, we are talking about our hedge trimming services. We recommend homeowners to have their hedges and bushes trimmed at least once or twice a year, depending on the kind of hedge.

Well maintained hedges, trees and shrubs will significantly enhance the overall appearance of your property. Landscape Services is one of the leading lawn care companies Calgary providing a full hedge cutting and pruning service throughout the year. Hedges are great for providing rich color and backdrop to your garden, as well as screening against strong winds. But like other plants, they can also quickly grow, and lose their size and shape. Unfortunately, our busy lives do not allow many of us to devote much time to our gardens. There’s nothing more unsightly than a ragged hedge.

Our Advices For Hedge Trimmers

Hedges also require formative pruning when first planted, with pruning times depending on the type of hedge; it’s also important to consider the birds living in the hedge. Winter is the best time for the formative pruning of deciduous hedges, while spring is usually better for evergreens.

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