Landscaping Ideas With Gazebos

A freestanding, covered gazebo can create a focal point in the backyard landscape. Traditional gazebos were eight-sided, but can be constructed in any size or shape. In warm weather, they provide scenic spots to hold parties, quiet dinners and even at-home weddings. Children can play outdoors and still escape the rain or the heat of the sun's rays. These structures can be simple or ornate and large or small, depending on your personal preferences and taste, your budget and the space available.

Place and Supplies for Gazebo Location

The location of the gazebo will depend on its intended use. If you have small children in the household who will be playing inside it on a regular basis, it may be desirable to keep it close to your home. If the objective of the gazebo is to provide peace, quiet and solitude, the far end of the yard may be a better choice.

How to Choose One of Gazebos Styles

Some have straight, simple lines while others come outfitted with curlicues and other ornate architectural accents. Those on a limited income may opt for portable, canvas-covered options that may only cost a few hundred dollars. Others, with more funds, may construct a beautiful yard addition that can cost thousands of dollars.

When You Are Ready Getting There

If your gazebo is on a patch of grass halfway across your lawn or at the other end of your backyard, you'll need to provide a stable method of getting to there. Paver, flagstone or brick walkways are all options to create a path and prevent grass from being worn down on the way to the structure.

Gazebos have fallen out of favor in recent years. This is partly due to the fact that they don’t mesh well with modern styles of architecture, and also that few people are designing formal, highly-themed English or French style gardens. Gazebos have also gotten a bad rap because so many people use cheap-looking kits to build them, and don’t pay attention to placing them appropriately within the landscape. A gazebo with a fireplace wall will keep you warm and toasty while giving you breathing room from inside routines. Enjoy the next eight properties as they show off the beauty of Gazebos with focal point fireplaces. Picture yourself relaxing in these peaceful settings with loved ones, neighbors, friends, and family pets.

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