English Gardens

The essence of an English Garden Design

There seems to be two schools of thought as to what exactly constitutes an English Garden. For some it is the pruned symmetry and aristocratic formality of Victoriana.

Originating from the Victorian era, gazebos, with their post-and-beam construction, still retain numerous elements of Victorian-era design. With their freestanding, covered outdoor spaces, gazebos became escape points for people after the 1900s, when homes were built more closely together. Commonly used for relaxation and garden parties, gazebos are still popular outdoor structures, creating places for repose and meditation.

A holdover from gazebos’ Victorian heritage, corner brackets are placed in the triangular shapes along the roof line and the posts. Sometimes they are called bric-a-brac and gingerbread. These brackets add flair and visual interest to the basic gazebo shape. Friezes, where there are lines of wood underneath the roof line of the gazebo, are often combined with corner brackets

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